Due: Prior to first practice

You must complete all four pages of the VHSL Physical form in their entirety prior to any after school athletic activity at Chantilly High School.  Once complete and signed, turn this form into a coach or ATC.  The VHSL physical must be done once a year after May 1st.


Due: Prior to first competition

Read all of the Chantilly Wrestling Rules.  The form must be returned with the signature of the wrestler and a parent/guardian prior to being eligible for competition.


Due November 19th

All athletes must bring a signed copy of the FCPS Student Participation Policy Acknowledgement Page.  Read the complete policy linked below and complete all sections of the final page.  Bring in the signed copy of the acknowledgement page and turn it in to a coach.


Between October 29th and November 16th

Each wrestler is required to complete weight certification.  Weight certification is comprised of three parts: hydration testing, weigh-in, and body fat % testing.  The information is used to determine the minimum weight class the wrestler is eligible for and the amount of weight per week that the wrestler can lose in order to get down to the lowest certified weight class.  There are a lot of other finer points that the coaching staff will help each wrestler navigate through the season should they desire to compete at their lowest certified weight class.

In order to complete weight certification correctly FOLLOW THE HYDRATION TIP SHEET LISTED BELOW.

Follow the additional link below to read the VHSL's Information for Parents.


Due November 19th

All student athletes and a parent must complete a concussion education program every school year according to Virginia law. Videos are provided below.

The program will take approximately 15-20 minutes to complete. Upon successful completion, the school will be able to verify that you have completed the program. This process occurs automatically and you will not be required to provide a certificate of completion.

Students and parents must complete separate programs. Parents need only complete the program once for all their children participating in FCPS athletics if they register each child's FCPS ID number prior to viewing the slideshow.


Due November 19th if you have not been tested at Chantilly already

Impact testing uses a computer application to create a baseline of brain activity for each wrestler.  Following a suspected concussion, a wrestler can take another Impact test so the certified athletic trainer can compare the results to use as one of many tools to determine if the athlete is cleared to safely return to participation.  Impact testing is done by the certified athletic trainers at Chantilly free of charge prior to the start of competition.

Learn more about Impact testing at the link below.


Due Nov 16

Some of our away competitions may require travel by car pool rather than on a bus.  In order for a wrestler to travel in the car pool they must have a Field Trip Form completed.  One form will cover them for the season.

If you anticipate volunteering to give other wrestlers a ride in your vehicle to and/or from wrestling events when we decide to carpool, you must complete the Driver Form.  We strongly encourage every parent with a car to complete this form so that you are cleared to provide a ride if needed.



Due: As soon as possible

Please provide as much contact information as possible.  This information will be added to the team email google group and the team Remind text message group.  Group e-mails and texts are the main form of communication for important information, schedule changes, and weather updates.


The competition schedule and team calendar are posted on this website.  Many people like to connect the team calendar to their personal google calendar that already exists on their mobile device.  This is a helpful trick that can help you keep track of changes, load up maps to locations, and create reminders.  The link listed below will take you to the calendar and instructions are listed to link the calendar to your personal Google calendar.

Wrestling is a winter sport and like all winter sports the schedule is active during holiday breaks from school. Wrestlers are expected to attend scheduled practices during the breaks and almost 25% of the varsity season takes place during winter break.  Families new to the sport may already have trips scheduled during the break.  Please notify the coaching staff now if you already have trips scheduled during the season so we are able to organize the lineup for events you plan to miss.



December 15th for full benefits

Become a Wrestling Booster member today!  The Chantilly Wrestling Club is 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to provide year-round funding to Chantilly wrestlers and coaches for necessary resources, equipment, and training they need to train and compete.  Click the file link below to learn more about the benefits or to become a member through the mail.  Fill out the form below to become a member now and pay online.



Information for tournament sponsorship will be posted here soon.  Stay tuned.



A USA Wrestling membership is required for many off-season wrestling opportunities, including the spring freestyle season.  You do not need a USA Wrestling membership to participate during the Chantilly High School winter sports season.  The reminder is listed here due to the fact the USA Wrestling Memberships expire on August 1st each year, so you might want to take the time now to renew or sign up.

Volt Athletic provides a wrestling specific lifting program that mixes traditional weight training exercises with workouts that increase range-of-motion, flexibility, balance, and injury prevention.  It is setup to cycle properly through the different phases of the off-season and in-season competition.  Wrestlers will be setup to login and access Volt Athletics online from a mobile device or a PC.  All of the training, progress, and philosophy that supports the quality training planned out by Volt is listed on the site for your information.  The coaching staff will add your wrestler to the system and you will be able to access it at the link listed below.